start of a holiday weekend

it's the start of a three day weekend in japan, but we will be crammed in our office working to put together a product catalogue for the sonar festival, and looking over translations and promotion plans for the new dvd we'll be releasing at the end of the year: tv party (i'll talk about this some time later). and today, we received samples of the new "moog logo wood statue" and they're looking pretty good. we're working with a japanese company that makes wooden buddhas for this product so the quality is high, but so expensive to make! more negotiation is necessary....
oh, and i went to a funeral of a relative (not so close) early this morning. did you know that in japan, after the dead is cremated, the relatives picks up his/her bone with wooden chopsticks to put inside a stone jar? well, i did this for the first time in my life, and it is said that you must NEVER drop the bone while doing this, some bad luck or something, so i got a bit tense and nervous, but fortunately, i was able to perform my task successfully...phew.

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