Presspop Newsletter

We can't believe cherry blossoms are starting to bloom already!

So we have been busy at work as usual, preparing the Japanese edition of  Hip Hop Family Tree (Ed Piskor)   and working on the mold for Lee Perry doll Part 2.  and discussing many new projects that are kind of floating around us.  
We should be able to post something about the HHFT book and the Lee doll mold on this blog soon.

In the meantime, we wanted to let you know that AT LAST we are thinking to send out newsletters of some sorts so if you are a least bit interested and can sign up from our top page where it says Newsletter it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks always for your patience with us and kind support.

Happy Spring!!


Yo La Tengo Tree Animation Production Procedure #3,#4

And now to continue with the production procedure of

Let's look at the exchange between the animation director Hashimoto-san (#3) and Jim (#4) on the movements of the animation characters.

animation character sketch (individually) 
(sent from DROP on 3.21.2013)

Jim's instruction on how to move the characters
(sent from Jim on 3.25.2013)

To be continued......


Yo La Tengo Tree Animation Production Procedure #2

So this is the continued story behind the animation production of the YO LA TENGO TREE Soft vinyl dolls DVD set

Before we get into that, we should say that we had always talked with the YLT band members about how wonderful it would be to work on an interesting project together. 
We wanted to do something original, so instead of just putting out a YLT figurine, we thought it would be interesting and new to package it together with an animation DVD presenting the collaborative world of Jim and the band. Thus, our challenge had begun!  

With Jim's storyboard complete, the band and Jim discussed their image and opinions for about a month, and with the final ideas summarized, we met with the animation director Saburo Hashimoto (DROP) who came up with this revised and more powerfully detailed storyboard.
(sent on March 19th, 2013)

To be continued......


Yo La Tengo Tree Animation Production Procedure #0〜#1

We wanted to write a little bit about the animation production
procedure of Yo La Tengo Tree, which is the animation piece inside the "Yo La Tengo Tree soft-vinyl doll + DVD" set which will be officially released in December.

It took us about 7 months to complete the animation so we wanted you to see the exciting procedure with visuals, using several posts!  

< Character Design and Story Board >

Character Design and turnaround of the 3 band members sent from Jim Woodring.
(sent on January 19th, 2013)

Animation storyboard  by Jim Woodring
(sent on January 22nd, 2013)

To be continued......


Yo La Tengo TREE

Coming soon!

Yo La Tengo TREE

PRE-SALE starts from the band's European tour beginning at Iceland from Oct.31.
For more info on the tour look HERE


Lee Perry Doll 2nd version

Lee Perry doll 1960-70's version in the works now!  

Bernie Worrell "MELODESTRA"12"

We sent him a melodica, and he sent us his music.  
And now, after many years and many back and forth and conversations and many life-changing situations , we are proud to bring you MELODESTRA.


Summer heat and Susan Cianciolo in Japan

This summer has been so so HOT here in Tokyo....since when have we turned into a tropical country?!  

Amidst the heat,  we've been working on 2 projects with Susan Cianciolo.
The first one is a pop up shop at Lamp Harajuku in Harajuku, Tokyo and  HP Deco  in Fukuoka.   Susan has made special one of a kind pieces (dress, bag, accessory, Tshirt) for both shops and has worked on a window installation that will be up until Sept.23rd.
She was in Tokyo in late August to put on a pop up installation with 4 models wearing the pieces.

And the second project is a solo show at Artium Museum in Fukuoka.
Here, you can see her archival works such as dolls and handmade books from the 90's, new drawings, textiles and her video works.