Summer heat and Susan Cianciolo in Japan

This summer has been so so HOT here in Tokyo....since when have we turned into a tropical country?!  

Amidst the heat,  we've been working on 2 projects with Susan Cianciolo.
The first one is a pop up shop at Lamp Harajuku in Harajuku, Tokyo and  HP Deco  in Fukuoka.   Susan has made special one of a kind pieces (dress, bag, accessory, Tshirt) for both shops and has worked on a window installation that will be up until Sept.23rd.
She was in Tokyo in late August to put on a pop up installation with 4 models wearing the pieces.

And the second project is a solo show at Artium Museum in Fukuoka.
Here, you can see her archival works such as dolls and handmade books from the 90's, new drawings, textiles and her video works.

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