Yo La Tengo Tree Animation Production Procedure #2

So this is the continued story behind the animation production of the YO LA TENGO TREE Soft vinyl dolls DVD set

Before we get into that, we should say that we had always talked with the YLT band members about how wonderful it would be to work on an interesting project together. 
We wanted to do something original, so instead of just putting out a YLT figurine, we thought it would be interesting and new to package it together with an animation DVD presenting the collaborative world of Jim and the band. Thus, our challenge had begun!  

With Jim's storyboard complete, the band and Jim discussed their image and opinions for about a month, and with the final ideas summarized, we met with the animation director Saburo Hashimoto (DROP) who came up with this revised and more powerfully detailed storyboard.
(sent on March 19th, 2013)

To be continued......

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