gangsta barbar shop

today i had a chance to visit the office of king terry aka terry johnston in shinjuku. there is a barbar shop named gangsta barber shop right next to it where he gets his head shaved every 3 days, and the whole place is like his museum with soul/hiphop records covering the whole wall. for those of you who are not familiar, king terry is the guy who started the present day art form of "heta-uma" (bad but good) in japan, where illustration/art is drawn like doodles and badly on purpose. he started it, and made it popular to the general public in japan. his motifs are often dirty half-naked men and women,but the "heta-uma" style makes them look cute and ok. today, you see his works appear all over the city in major ad campaigns, or maybe more back in the 80's or 90's. anyway, his studio was a gorgeous 3 stories concrete building with basement, and he had huge andy warhoal paintings and silkscreens and lichtenstein lithhographs (all originals!!) hanging in his office/saloon furnished with persian rugs and italian modern sofas/chairs with leather and fur. oh, he had a framed poster of lil'kim, too.

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