sorry for the long break....

i apologize for the long break. after the 2 midnight to morning full-of-cigarette-bad-air shift of sonar, i caught a cold and plus so many things to do! but, yes, sonar was great. everyone said nice things about the bob doll, and we met many interesting people. as soon as the gates opened on the first day, there was this guy who came running in sweating asking for the doll, and he told us he bought tickets to get into sonar just to buy the doll! wow, thanks friend, wherever you are now, this kind of passion expressed always supports us. and so many girls bought the doll, which surprised us. we were also showing the documentary of bernie worrell, and another documentary about a cable tv show in nyc in the 80's, tv party, both of which we will release the japanese version at the end of this year, and alot of people showed interest. the de la soul guys stopped by and was asking questions about the bernie worrell one. they were wearing shiny sparkling ny yankees baseball hats, very cool. got to take a peek at some of the performances, too. my personal best acts were: eliot lip, rei harakami, and yann tomita +doopees. yasu was at the booth the whole time.

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