december already?

ok, sorry for the long break again. have been busy preparing for the dvd release of tv party japanese version. it's OUT! for those of you living in japan....and this weekend we had a booth at the tokyo hot rod custom car and motorcycle show. we always get a booth at this event to sell the books we distribute. books on tatoos, tiki, low-brow art, cars, punk, juxtapoze mag. etc. hundereds of beautifully customed cars and motorcylces are exhibited in a huge space, and pin-stripers from all over the world come to demonstrate. and so many tatoos, too. it's as thoug the entire inked population of japan has gathered there....excluding the yakuzas. please see photo of the father and son pin-striper, the little boy is just like his dad with his own little cool hair-do, so cute!

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