happy holidays

a rainy and freezing day here in tokyo today. all our overseas parnters are on holiday and things are starting to slow down for us, too. now we are looking over our plans for the next year and looking back at this year to recall lessons learned...hmmm, so much to think about and so much to do!
anyway we went to check out the jim woodring exhibit in aoyama on sunday which was christmas eve. walking back to shibuya, we saw that all the fashion boutique stores were packed with people grabbing louis vuitton, fendi, and gucci bags...crazy! so many couples dressed up to have their candle light dinners and families with big boxes of cakes and presents. probably less than 10% of these people are christian or even know the meaning of christmas... but at least things have settled down a bit compared to the bubble period. explanation of attached photos: 1) more and more houses now are into lighting up their place during christmas, it's probably a contagious thing 2) santa claus hanging from a pachinko store......merry christmas!

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