we are very very happy and excited that NONNONBA by Shigeru Mizuki has won THE BEST COMIC award at the Angouleme this year. this is the first manga (Japanese comic) ever to win this main award at Angouleme (historical and prestigious Comic Festival held in France). why we are announcing this here is because Shigeru Mizuki is our great respected friend and we worked as his overseas agent to put this book out in France. the publisher is Cornelius. we can not say how much this award means to us. when Cornelius put out this book, everyone said that this will be a failure in France and nobody would understand it (if we tell you the whole 3 years story of getting this published, it would take 100 years). but we all believed in Mizuki's work and Cornelius has worked so hard to design it beautifully, and promote it in the right way that once there was enough exposure and it was read, the book won an award that it truly deserves.... congratulations Mizuki and Cornelius!

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