2 new bernie worrell albums

BABY ELEPHANT "turn my teeth up" and "improvisczario" will be released in Japan from PRESSPOP MUSIC this september.
bernie is the one who added all the cosmic keyboard groove to all those "classic" p-funk songs. he's also the one who collaborated with and influenced heavily, the band talking heads......he created sounds that changed the world of music forever, especially hiphop. these 2 albums are the latest from the genius and living legend who deserves much more than the credit he receives now. BABY ELEPHANT is bernie and prince paul (de la soul), and "improvisczario" is an improv. album of bernie, will calhoun (living colour), and warren haynes (gov't mule). will be released from PRESSPOP MUSIC in Japan, and Godforsaken Music in the usa. more info to follow.

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