snow in tokyo

it snowed quite a bit yesterday in tokyo. we don't get much of it as we used to so people seemed very excited.
i stayed in my house and watched dvd of "Wild Style 25th Anniversary Edition" from Rhino. presspop will be releasing the
Wild Style book in Japanese this year and also other Charlie Ahearn films as box set. i'm translating the book so really building up my vocab on the hip hop/graffitti street language....YO ZORO MY MAN!!!!!!!
whatever the theme, stories of the "real" thing and the "real originators" always blow me away.

attached is yomiuri newspaper article out a few weeks ago. please see red book in the bottom right hand corner. manga/cartoon critic chose the jimmy corrigan japanese edition we put out as one of the best 3 works published in 07. yay. congratulations chris.

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