Museum of Love and Mystery Book

A word from Jim about the book:

"With THE MUSEUM OF LOVE AND MYSTERY I realized my longstanding desire to create a sort of souvenir album of Frank's visit to the free-form amusement park that exists on the outskirts of his country of origin, the Unifactor. Each drawing depicts Frank, usually accompanied by Pupshaw and Pushpaw, enjoying a specialized exhibit, ride or activity provided by the unseen agency that controls his world.

Viewers will see him trying his skill at highly specialized versions of midway games, visiting strange sea creatures in an underwater exhibit, travelling through a crazily ornate dark ride and experiencing a total breakdown of reality in the "Skuuvuunuum".

That THE MUSEUM OF LOVE AND MYSTERY has been produced in the form of a board book gives it exactly the right shape, size and heft to fulfill its intended function in the world, which is to serve as a cozy art object for all ages. It is my fervent hope that parents and their children will make this book the nucleus of homespun storytelling sessions that will bring the fruits of their imaginations into the world of Frank."

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