BOOK SALE AT PARCO, SHIBUYA....and much more!!

PRESSPOP has some overseas imported art books for sale at LOGOS , the books store in the basement of Parco, Shibuya.
Up to 20-80% off, so please stop by if you have some time, there might be some hidden treasure books!

Please excuse us for long time of absence. Since we came back from NY art book fair, we've been busy working on the vol.2 and 3 of Jimmy Corrigan Japanese edition, which is alot of detailed work!

And I think I never posted here about our new book Saeki Toshio's Works in Music.
We also helped put together/designed new book, Onikage, by Saeki as well which will be published soon from Last Gasp.

Also, Presspop has started new label called TINY PERSON with focus on alternative creative lifestyles of women. Magazine about Japanese women creatives, SCHOOL and Susan Cianciolo's cook book is out from this label.

And Allen Ginsberg figurine designed by Archer Prewitt is on the way in the year 2010!

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