Jimmy Corrigan Japanese edition

After 10 year since we started working on vol.1 of Chris Ware's " Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth," we are finally ready to release vol.2 and 3 of the Japanese edition.
All 3 volumes are originally designed by Chris.
We have also created a limited set of 500 that comes with a special slipcase that can contain the 3 volumes, which will be originally designed by Chris, also. He is working on the slipcase right now. We will post photo when it is finished.
This product will be made available to overseas customers, not just Japanese customers.



Of the 500, 300 sets will come with vol.1, 2, and 3.
And the rest 200 will come with just vol.2 and 3, for those who have already purchased vol.1
You can check and reserve your set here.

Both happy and sad that these days are over (re-edit, re-edit, and then re-edit again and again and AGAIN)

Thank you.....

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