MIZUKI every morning

image taken from: Entame Tele Saishi Eiga Navi

Shigeru Mizuki, one of the greatest manga artist of Japan and his wife's story has been made into a TV drama series on national TV, NHK and is airing now. This is a prestigious and nationally viewed 15 minute drama series that air every day, almost 3 times a day, for half a year. Some of the series are bad and some are good, but Mizuki's drama, GEGEGE NO NYOUBOU is really GOOD stuff. Good because through his life, we get to see the "manga" world after the war and how it flourished into a giant entertainment industry supported by interesting characters and passionate editors and publishers. The drama is based on Mizuki's wife's book, so it's non-fiction and auto-biographical. Definitely recommended!

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