The New York Times OP-ED page this Sunday

It was only this Wednesday that we got contact from The New York Times requesting they wanted our artist, Shigeru Mizuki to draw artwork based on his personal observations and thoughts on the earthquake/tsunami disaster of Japan.
We were not sure if the 89 years old master of manga who rarely takes on sudden rush projects these days will accept this request.
But he did.
He said given the tremendous shock and challenge of what Japan is facing now, he felt he must accept.
And amidst all the national confusion, the eerie aftershock earthquakes, and repeated black-outs, in no more than a day and a half later, we received it.
In our experience of working for more than 10 years with this last living giant of manga and WWII veteran who lost his left arm in combat, it was one of the most powerful and emotional images we had seen.

Please check out the OP-ED page of this Sunday's New York Times (print version, not online).

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