Exciting new toy company!



Jeremy Brautman said...

Hi Maki, could you tell me anything about this new toy company called Oakland? I live in the city of Oakland, in California USA, and I am a toy collector. I am very curious! Please email me jeremy [at] artkivers [dot] com. Thank you very much!

Casper said...

I too am very curious about this. I'm thinking it's not exactly a real company but a joke of sorts, maybe... Anyway, that figure looks like Clowes' 'Death Ray,' which I'll be very excited about if so. Clowes being from Oakland I'm thinking maybe this is the start of some sort of line putting out more Clowes-related figures or maybe, just maybe, Clowes has started his own toy company. Many possibilities! Maybe it's not even 'Death Ray' at all and thus I'm way off with every speculation.