Tank Tankuro at San Diego Comicon

The book is completed and has arrived to us from our printer in Hong Kong, and the rest are on its way to the port in Oakland, USA.

We got a call from Sakamoto's son who received the sample copy, and he seemed so happy and excited, and that made all our hard work of 2 years time pay off. Now, his father's spirit can be passed on to a wider international audience.
Tank Tankuro is Sakamoto's silent rebellion against the pre-war Japanese government of the time which was depriving the freedom of creation from the artists of those days. You can see the pressure he was receiving from the government by some of the work's contents, but underneath it all in Tankuro's free and innocent spirit, you can feel Sakamoto's firm determination that they could not take away his true soul as a creator. He wanted to bring as much joy to the children of the time regardless of the pretty dire situation of the country. As a publisher from Japan in its present condition and what we have been through in these past few months, we feel very fortunate that we were able to work on this book throughout it all.
Thank you Mr.Sakamoto, and thank you Tank Tankuro.

"Tank Tankuro: Prewar Works" will make its debut at the Last Gasp booth at San Diego Comicon this year, we are now making something fun for the event so please stop by!


Matt said...

can't make it to comic con, but i have this on pre-order at the comic shop. can't wait to have my hands on it!

maki said...

Thank you Matt! We hope you will be happy with the book!