Nice Coffee Time display at Parco Book Center, Shibuya

Nice Coffee Time book is on sale at Parco Book Center, Shibuya, Tokyo and we've prepared a special display of the books plus coffee beans from Heart Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon as the 1st of "Liz Clayton Special Coffee Beans Selection for Tokyo, Summer 2013"
The beans are freshly roasted and were flown in from Portland just a few days ago.
Here's what Liz has to say about Heart:

"Since 2009, Heart's graceful approach to coffee roasting has challenged American styles. Consistent with the lighter touch of Scandinavian roasting, Heart's delicate approach to their craft reveals the true nuance and character of each bean's terroir. Their Portland, Oregon roastery-cafe is a minimal, beautiful space: the perfect landscape to showcase their truly special coffees."

Here are the 3 kinds of coffee beans available:  

Guatemala Pulcal: apple juice, caramel, red grape….
the coffee is juicy and has flavors of apple & red grape. it is also has a creamy mouth feel, this is where the caramel comes from. 
The coffee is grown in the Antigua valley of Guatemala. The farm that the coffee is grown on is called "Pulcal." The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1580-1890meters. The varieties of coffee that make up this crop are Bourbon & Typica. The processing for this particular coffee is fully washed (or wet process). 

Ethiopia Chelba: ginger snap, bergamot, raspberry 
the coffee has a zippy flavor of ginger, the flavor of bergamot comes from the unmistakable citrus, and the juicy fruit flavor of raspberry lingers.
The coffee is grown in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. The farm or co-op that the coffee is milled and processed is called "Chelba." This coffee is grown at an altitude of 1800-2100meters. The varieties that make up this wonderful coffee are an heirloom variety. Coffee in Ethiopia grows wild and changes every year. This type of coffee is native to Ethiopia and can't be found anywhere else in the world. Because the coffee grows wild and can vary from season to season, they call it an heirloom varietal. This is also a washed processed coffee. 

Kenya Thunguri: peach, red grapefruit, caramel
the coffee has flavors of fresh peach up front with red grapefruit acidity, and a caramel finish.
The coffee is grown in the Nyeri region of Kenya. The farm is called "Thunguri." The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1700-1900meters. There are only 2 varieties that make up this beautiful coffee: SL 28& SL 34. Here is more information about these varieties. 
Scot Labs selection 28 Kenya cultivar, a preferred type with Bourbon and Mokka heritage. It supposedly is selected from Tanganyika DR cultivar, found by A.D. Trench on a trip through Tanzania, and has similar drought resistant properties. DR is of French Mission Bourbon origin. Many prefer SL-28 to the other successful, widely used cultivar, SL-34.
Scott Labs selection 34 Kenya cultivar, a preferred type with French Mission Bourbon heritage. It supposedly is selected from French Mission Bourbon trees at Loresho Estate in Kabete Kenya. SL types are responsible for 90% of Kenya coffees. SL_34 has better yields than SL-28, and is grown at lower altitudes than SL-28.

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