sorry for long break

what, already march? please see this photo and forgive me for my absense. have been so busy with so many projects.
we have released the tv party box set dvd (i will talk about this another day), and the bernie worrell documentary (this, too), both of which are japan release with japanese subtitles. and now, we're working on the japanese version of the daniel johnston bio, "hi, how are you?". and when we say "working" we mean EVERYTHING, translation, editing, promotion, designing, etc. luckily we have wonderful, talented, cool, passionate people to help us realize things. presspop will be nothing without these life-savers! thanks everyone! anyway, things have settled down a bit so i will try to update my blog more often...it's been pretty cold these past few days in tokyo despite the global warming effect, but pollen is everywhere and yasu is dying of tears and runny nose.....he is spraying kafun (pollen) guard spray all over the office.

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