walking around ebisu

i had a meeting in the ebisu-area so i managed to get myself out of kichijyoji (after about 100 years) and walked around the ura-ebisu area a bit. there's been many new furniture/antique/home&stationary goods shops opening up in this area so i checked out 2 antique shops, antique tamisier, and brocante antique. antique tamisier is know for this young male charismatic shop owner, and when i openend the doors there he was, working away with extreme concentration on an old piece of plate, scraping it and shaping it up to good condition. there was no one else there, so it was just the minimal sound of the scraping, soft classical music, and numerous carefully selected minimal antique goods collected from around the world....there was also this really nice addictive spicy smell in the air...i wonder what that was....anyway the presentation was so perfect....brocante antique was also nice, this shop is also owned by a young man but this guy seemd more friendly and open. a customer was aking him about an old french army bag, and he made a speech about it for almost 15 minutes, the whole time we were there....being a shop owner is not an easy job for sure.

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