it's been raining all month here. finally had some sun out today. laid out my futon on the terrace, ahhh nice dry fluffy futons tonight! so anyway, let me update you on things we(i)'ve been up to. that sukiyaki bento was from the time i was in osaka/hyogo. i was born there so i went back to visit relatives. then, after coming back, we met up with the last gasp crew who was visiting and we went to the opening of the art show of toshio saeki. he is a respected artist from the 60's with deep insight on eroticism, sexuality, horror, and beauty. a true master, such an amazing group of work. then, after that, national geographics france was here to interview shigeru mizuki. mizuki seemed excited to have people from france visit him, he acted very shy and would start to goof around like pretend he was picking his nose, we love him! and then after that on friday the 20th, i went to the sonic youth/voooredoms show at studio coast. voooredoms was ok, they were doing their usual thing with triple drums and eye jumping around. sonic youth was really rocking the house. kim looked great in her shiny silver dress ( and to think she is over 50 yrs old.....RESPECT! ). oh, and jim o'rourke who is now living in tokyo came out on the last song and played, so that was a nice "moment". listening to live loud music was a lot of fun.....a great way to wrap up the busy week.

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