golden week

almost all of last week was a national holiday in japan. it's called the golden week. i didn't do anything special, just hang around kichijyoji going out to eat okonomiyaki with friends, walking around inogashira park, and working here and there.
there's too much people everywhere outside tokyo during this season, it's better to stay in the city and enjoy it's emptiness.
oh, but there's one thing i did which was quite interesting. i did some interpretation work for national geographics, france (the people who interviewed mizuki) at....MAID CAFEs in Akihabara! We went to visit about 5 different cafes to interview the maids who worked there. for those of you who do not know, Akihabara is known for their maid cafes, where girls dress up as maids or character from animation and serve you. when you step inside the cafe, they greet you with "welcome home master!" (if you are male) or "welcome home miss!" (if you are female). it depends on the cafe but in some places, they play games of paper/rock/scissors with you, and when you collect points, you can take Cheki photos with them. anyway, what an experience! all the girls seem to LOVE their work and of course the customers (needless to say, mostly male) seemed....to have fun...? well, it was hard to tell because most of them were so quiet. and they would not look at the maids with direct eye contact but when the maids walk away, they would kind of peek from behind their books...ok, ok, of course they were having fun. the maids were mostly girls who wanted to be actress or animation voice actress and they were very professional about their work. they loved to do cosplay so maid cafe is a perfect place for them to work. everybody is very positive and friendly......this was the highlight of my golden week, i guess.

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